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While technology and automation are becoming increasingly important in logistics, human resources remain a vital element […]
warehouse workers standing together as a team
Logistics operations are under pressure from customers, authorities, and governments to incorporate sustainability measures. When thinking […]
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The shortage of skilled workers and demographic change are increasingly presenting companies with new challenges, both […]
close up of kick-off soccer scene. what do football and warehouse optimization have in common?
With the FIFA World Cup about to start and some football-crazy redPILOTs around, it’s only natural […]
engineer using laptop monitor business information labor planning for peak season
Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas are just around the corner and with it the busiest […]
break chain unify data optimize warehouse operations
Navigating today’s turbulent economy, it is essential for logistics operations to optimize their processes. What better […]
warehouse worker checking phone shift plan
Creating optimal shift plans can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. By […]
Intelligent labor management systems can make workforce planning much easier and allow for more flexibility, even during summer vacations.