The shortage of skilled workers and demographic change are increasingly presenting companies with new challenges, both in terms of recruitment and operational planning. What strategies can companies use to meet the demands of an aging workforce and the new generation of workers at the same time? How can employers retain their employees? Companies need to find strategies to ensure continuity, quality, and customer service despite these challenges. Here, especially in the dynamic logistics environment, the latest technologies and innovative workforce planning tools offer an answer.

Flexibility is one of the main demands of employees – nowadays it even trumps compensation in both retention and recruitment. What also gets increasingly important is a modern image that is associated with modern corporate culture and is perceived as more attractive for employees. Innovative technologies convey this image. One of the companies that recognized the importance of this trend is trinkgut Hamm. They already used the redPILOT PLANNER and now added the teamAPP, a workforce management app. The teamAPP increases flexibility for employees, while it decreases complexity in planning.

We talked to Kai Beerwerth, Operations Manager at trinkgut Hamm, about the benefits of using the teamAPP.

Question (Q): What are the current challenges you see in workforce management, especially in the logistics environment?

Mr. Beerwerth: One of the biggest challenges in workforce management is finding the right candidates. Many logistics providers are located in our region. Therefore, skilled workers are scarce, and applicants can usually choose from various jobs. As an employer, that means you have to score points with your employer benefits. Nowadays, compensation is only one of many components. Flexible working hours, the balance of work and family life as well as a good and open working atmosphere are the characteristics that are becoming increasingly important.

A large component of the labor market today are student temp workers, part-time employees as well as apprentices. The flexibilization of working hours, as well as employee benefits, are fundamental factors for the success of employee acquisition.

Q: Why did you decide to use the teamAPP at trinkgut Hamm?

Mr. Beerwerth: We decided to use the teamAPP to reduce manual arrangements and administrative work.

Q: Which advantages do you already experience from using the teamAPP?

Mr. Beerwerth: The use of the teamAPP reduces administrative efforts tremendously. Planned shifts and availabilities are directly visible, making personnel planning much easier. The subsequent analysis of planned and actual working times is another major advantage. Additionally, we can assign shifts to our temp workers at short notice and compensate for delivery peaks or no-shows like sick leaves, for example. Also, the employees can see their planned working days in the app at any time.

Q: How important is the use of state-of-the-art technologies for you to master future challenges in the market?

Mr. Beerwerth: Today, apps and innovative workforce planning tools are very interesting for many employees and candidates. The classic shift schedule on the bulletin board may be well established, but in today’s world, employees want to be able to access the information they need and their working times regardless of where they are.

Find out more about the teamAPP and its features here.


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