We often get asked questions regarding performance from our customers:

  • How can we optimise the system’s performance?
  • Where are the bottlenecks and excess capacities in our logistics system?
  • What are the best alternatives for ironing out inefficient processes?

Automatic suggestion of the best possible alternative action

redPILOT Operational Excellence solution can show exactly where the bottlenecks and excess capacities are. Also, the system suggests alternative actions, so inefficiencies can be quickly ironed out. This, in turn, raises the performance of the overall system.

Intelligent algorithm or optimised performance

The performance of the overall system is often throttled by one or more components. A bottleneck arises. To solve this problem, redPILOT has developed an intelligent algorithm that can detect such inefficiencies. The system not only prepares data, it can compute the best possible scenario, and then adjust it when changes take place – just like a navigation system. If the goal is planned, a suitable route will be found. If the traffic situation changes or, in our case, the logistic parameters, the intelligent tool provides those responsible with an alternative action to take. All the data is saved for future planning, which means that with every hour of operation, the system is learning. This know-how allows companies to adjust to changes early on. System performance increases.

Example: Bottleneck

The process step “picking” is experiencing a bottleneck, slowing down order picking. So redPILOT looks for extra capacity in other process steps. When the systems finds it and can also detect an operator in another warehouse area with the required competences, redPILOT suggests to re-assign this person to order picking. Thus, performance increases again.

Do you want to know how redPILOT’s bottleneck detection and action alternatives can help your organisation detect hidden potential and lead to optimised performance? Contact us.


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