The first redPILOT Happy Hour – the Operational Excellence Webinar – is now history. Warehouse and logistics managers from all over the world attended our virtual meeting and honestly, we had a blast.

Major operational excellence insights

Yesterday, many interested parties from different industries attended our redPILOT Happy Hour. In three different time slots we had English and German-speaking audiences. Siegfried Zwing, Stephan Spat and Gaspar Gulotta from our US operation talked about the many challenges logistics operations face and how to tackle them. They addressed issues like constantly changing requirements, complex system designs and the many contradictory parameters that influence logistics control.

Then they gave insights into how holistic resource planning works with redPILOT and how machine learning and the teamAPP help improve planning. Also, the possibility to increase average performance in live operation was discussed as well as system-supported learning.

Thank you

We thank all the participants for their time and really interesting questions. If you want further insights, please feel free to contact us any time. The videos and presentation material can be requested via our contact form.

We also want to share a few snippets from the Operational Excellence Webinar. There was a lot of operational excellence input but also quite a few funny situations which we want to share with you 🙂