Finally! Summer is here and the holiday season has started. We are looking forward to this time, even if everything is a bit different this year due to the Covid-19 situation. Many people may not be able to travel to their planned destination. Others might have to cancel their days off entirely and some may have to reschedule. These scenarios may also turn into high administrative workload for people in charge of work scheduling. Frustration and confusion are often inevitable. But did you know that redPILOT supports and simplifies the entire planning process for both, planners/team leaders and employees?

Employees can use the redPILOT teamAPP to request or enter holidays directly on their mobile phone. The requests are transmitted through the interface to the redPILOT solution. redPILOT then creates and changes shift plans automatically. This saves time during scheduling and provides a clear overview. This saves a great deal of time and makes work easier for both employees and the team leaders. The “Availabilities” function in the redPILOT solution provides several convenient overviews for the planners, e. g. the vacation request screen. The system offers a display of all available and/or unavailable operators as well as the required workloads which supports the decision process. Team Leaders can approve/decline holiday requests by one click only. We are happy to tell you more about the easy and convenient holiday planning in the redPILOT solution, please contact us.

No matter if you are climbing mountain-tops, dive into deep-blue lakes or simply stay at home this summer, we wish you a wonderful time and a happy holiday.


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