Creating optimal shift plans can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. By following a few simple steps, you can create shift plans that will help you to maximize the utilization of your resources and improve performance. Today we’ll show you the fast, easy, and convenient way to create optimal shift plans.

You are just a few clicks away from your optimal shift plan

With our recent upgrade of the Operational Excellence PLANNER labor planning and allocation of the right resources got even faster and more intuitive. In just a few clicks you can create optimal shift plans, even for several weeks ahead of time.

  1. Simply click to add a new schedule
    Choose your operation and select the required time period to create shift plans for one or several weeks.
  2. Easily retrieve demands and work with reference weeks
    Here’s where the magic really begins. You do not have to select all planning parameters separately, but the system retrieves data either from existing forecasts or historical information modified by growth factors etc., or a combination of these. These generated reference weeks represent the expected demand your site will receive. Of course, you can manually influence these demands e. g. for standard weeks, peak times, seasonal offers, Black Friday. If required, you can modify these even further per day, shift or hour directly during the planning process.
  3. Automatically assign the right people
    Based on the defined demand the automatic allocation algorithm assigns the best fit employees to the different areas and processes in the warehouse. They are of course not allocated randomly, but in an optimal way, considering their competences, working preferences, car sharing teams, open holidays, saldo hours, etc. In this way, it’s ensured that you reach the best performance in every shift. Employees that are not needed can be “released to other systems” so they are free to work in other areas or other warehouses.
  4. Publish the schedule
    When your plan is ready, you just publish it. Now you can either digitally display or push it to the teamAPP (or still print it, like in the old fashioned way 😉). Employees can then access their work schedule online using their smartphone.

Get an overview of how our Operational Excellence PLANNER enables intelligent labor planning and resource management in this short video.

Increase performance & decrease cost

redPILOT makes creating optimum shift plans fast and easy. Operators perform better when their competences and preferences regarding working times, car sharing teams, overtime etc. are considered. Planners and shift leaders can focus on more pressing tasks, having the administrative work carried out by the redPILOT application. Easy, digital integration of workforce enables a much more flexible way to operate for both, the company and its employees. These factors are resulting in increased overall performance of the warehouse operation.

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