For planners, to draw up schedules for the coming weeks is routine. However, we all know that logistics systems are in a constant state of flux. So part of the planner’s job is to anticipate and manage change and to prepare for unforeseen circumstances. redPILOT supports this process and helps to minimize planning effort.

Change of plans

Change to existing plans can come in many ways. Be it order related, based on different consumer behaviour, or unpredictable issues at short notice such as system failures or employee sickness. Also strategies may differ. One day you may need to plan for the most economic result. Another day you might have to choose the fastest possible strategy.

So when unpredictable situations occur, the routine planning process becomes a complex and time consuming task, if you want to drive your operation constantly at the optimum. Also, rescheduling resources while maintaining the highest possible system performance at lowest possible efforts is usually a challenge. But planners have many other responsibilities as well. So they need a solution that frees their time from such complex tasks. A system that helps to minimize planning effort.

Minimum effort

Using redPILOT Operational Excellence Solution, planners can create schedules by clicking one button. If the planner triggers the auto allocation, the system automatically plans and allocates the best fit of personnel following predefined strategies. The strategy can easily be changed if required. Again, simply by clicking the respective button. Automatic allocation is possible for several weeks. The planner simply selects the weeks for which he wants to create the plans. The system calculates the schedule with optimum use of resources. Afterwards the planner can fine tune it, if he wants.

6 steps from creating to publishing a plan

  1. Create a new schedule or edit an existing one for the required week
  2. Select a suitable reference week, apply growth and relative factors and/or modify demand per day or hour as needed in order to prepare input for the automatic staffing calculation.
  3. Fine tune shift start and end times as well as planned performance rates if required.
  4. Assign resources via automatic allocation button and/or adjust manually if required.
  5. Release operators to other systems if fixed staff is not required.
  6. Publish the optimised schedule to make it available as printouts or digitally in the teamAPP.

Convenient alternatives

What’s even more convenient, are the system alerts that are issued should there be any changes, e. g. a planned operator is not available any more. Not only does redPILOT notify the planner, it also suggests alternatives immediately. Again, the planner can make changes by simply clicking a button.

In this way the redPILOT Operational Excellence Solution supports planners in the best possible way and minimizes planning efforts.

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