Yes, we do focus on operational excellence. And to reach optimum performance, managing labour resources in the most efficient way is one of the most important things. That’s exactly why we have a Labour Management System (LMS) built into the redPILOT Operational Excellence Solution.

Our comprehensive LMS supports the optimised use of employee and temp resources in distribution centers and ultimately drives down labour cost.

The redPILOT LMS facilitates better labour planning and management across warehouses which results in improved productivity and agility. Furthermore, customer service and fill rates can be enhanced. Team leaders and management now also have the possibility to measure operator performance and implement ways to improve it. Moreover, they can easily track cost by channel and customer. The redPILOT solution can be easily implemented as it provides an interface to existing warehouse management systems.

The modular setup of the redPILOT solution makes it also possible to use the Labour Management System features only. But no matter if you decide to use the redPILOT LMS stand-alone or together with the other modules, you will experience many advantages:

  • Maximised use of labour, equipment and warehouse capacity
  • Efficient and agile end-to-end order lifecycle processes
  • Improvement of fill rates and service level
  • Internal and external performance benchmarks
  • Understanding your cost
  • Lower labour cost in DCs

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