We are delighted to present the new redPILOT module Operational Excellence MAINTENANCE. A module designed to increase the efficiency of warehouse resources even further. This new CMMS feature makes the structured and scheduled execution of maintenance measures easy.

 The redPILOT CMMS module will allow you to increase the availability of your technical equipment due to preventive maintenance management. Moreover, it will help to extend the lifespan of your machines by controlled repair management. Engineers document their work directly on their mobile device. They can even add photos or videos of the components and select spare parts that they used. In addition, you save a huge amount of time as there is no need to manually plot or schedule activities any more. Communication between maintenance and operations teams automatically improves due to direct integration of the maintenance management into warehouse operations.

 So, to sum up, redPILOT CMMS module will support you to:

  •  reduce downtimes
  •  increase efficiency
  •  save costs and time

The redPILOT CMMS is available as stand-alone module or as part of the redPILOT software package. Do you want to know more about the new CMMS module? Contact us now.