The right tools can help to make your life so much easier. Stop using spreadsheets for shift planning. Stop plugging in volumes manually and estimating staff requirements. Stop calling operators every time shift plans change, and you need to reschedule. Start using the right tool that supports your need for flexibility and agility in resource planning. teamAPP is one of these tools that will help you save a lot of time. See how one of our customers uses teamAPP and how it saves them tons of work.

Edeka Handelsgesellschaft Rhein-Ruhr mbH operates about 850 stores in the three federal states in the west of Germany. They have around 10 000 employees, some of them flexible personnel, e. g. students.

Need for more flexibility

Especially when Edeka experiences bottlenecks in peak seasons like Christmas, Easter or the holiday season, they have been relying on flexible staff for quite some time. Increasingly, the workforce requests more flexibility. Additionally, more and more variables influence modern operations. Also, it is common for operators to call in sick or drop the shift at the last minute or even request shift changes with colleagues on quick notice. So, plans can change quite often.

Before redPILOT, Edeka used spreadsheets for resource planning. They had to contact each single student and check how shift times fitted with their schedule. This was a very time-consuming process and it still happened that they experienced personnel shortages anyway.

Create more transparency

With redPILOT they do not need to determine personnel requirements manually any more. Bottlenecks are displayed directly in the system. Edeka can now inform operators and students about open shifts directly via the application and they get immediate feedback. Operators can see in the teamAPP on their own personal smartphone, when shifts are available or even when schedules are published. They can accept the shift by the click of a button or even put their shift up for grabs so that coworkers can pick them up, in the case that something unexpected comes up. Shift planners manage these schedule changes by approving/denying new operators or any shift switches directly in the redPILOT application.

Plan on actual ability and availability

Each process in Edeka’s warehouses consists of a variety of different tasks that require different skill sets, qualifications and trainings. redPILOT records which people do or do not have certain competencies. When operators are informed about available shifts via the teamAPP, only the ones who have the right competencies see the open opportunities and can apply for the shift. Operators can also provide their availabilities, which are then taken into account.

In this way, the time required for personnel planning was reduced from 4 hours to half an hour per week. So, with redPILOT Operational Excellence Solution you save around 3 ½ hours planning time per week alone. If you now also take the increased planning quality into account that saves even more time on overall workforce level, this number gets exponentially higher. You will understand otherwise hidden overspendings upfront, hence save real money!

Watch the following video and see how Mr. Krämer from Edeka Rhein-Ruhr optimised his resource planning process.