Steering and optimizing logistics operations can feel like going full speed on a racecourse: making the right decisions in a split-second, taking advantage of opportunities, avoiding accidents, finding the best techniques. To navigate successfully, you need several traits and features that will help you to stay ahead in the warehouse optimization race. Like on a racing team you should make sure you have all relevant qualities covered. So, who do you want on your team?

Racecar drivers need a special skillset to steer their cars at breakneck pace through the twists and turns of a racecourse: quick reaction, high attention, quick reflexes, etc. Warehouse managers could use very similar skills to navigate their logistics operations through today’s volatile environment. And they need someone at their side who gives reliable support and effective advice in a dynamic way – just like redIPLOT.

Quick reaction & high attention

It is not a question of ‘if’ but ‘when’ an obstacle will present itself in a logistics operation. Like the pilot on a racecourse, when a potential risk appears, the manager needs to react immediately to avoid an accident (e. g. a bottleneck). Also, if an opportunity presents itself, he needs to take full advantage of the situation. Decisions need to be made firmly and with conviction. That’s why redPILOT offers decision support. The system notifies responsible persons automatically about irregularities as soon as they occur, so that performance levels can be kept high at all times. Action alternatives are presented so managers can make the right decisions swiftly in difficult situations and optimize warehouse operations continuously.

Knowledge & teamwork

In the warehouse, just like in a racecar, all systems have to work together impeccably. The team works closely together to ensure machines don’t break down. Thereby, available resources are used in the most effective way. All the different IT systems need to work together seamlessly and deliver accurate information on the operations performance. redPILOT acts as a warehouse control tower that unifies the information of all systems (WMS, WCS, SAP, etc.). It supports not only warehouse managers but employees at different levels to constantly optimize overall performance during operation.

Coordination & quick reflexes

All the different processes and aspects of a warehouse need to be coordinated and controlled at once. The warehouse manager, just like a racecar driver, needs to be fully aware of what is happening around him. It takes a great amount of coordination and reflexes must be quick and reliable in case something unexpected happens. redPILOT gives managers control of all warehouse operation systems. It delivers real-time data from all different areas in the operation and decision acceleration needed to thrive in an increasingly unpredictable, volatile and complex environment.

Drive to constantly improve and innovate

Just like racing teams, warehouse operations must improve constantly. Improvements mean progress, which means a higher chance of winning the race. That’s why redPILOT applies machine learning and predictive analytics for continuous incremental improvements and ongoing cost savings in warehouse operations. It leverages historical performance data to automatically adjust operations planning.

Like a racing team, warehouse operations require certain traits to stay ahead. To have redPILOT on your team will ensure you have the most important features at hand. That’s how you will stay ahead in the warehouse optimization race.

Give us a call, if you want to know more about how redPILOT can advance your chances of winning the race.