At the moment it seems like not a day goes by without news about changes that concern our daily lives. Employees and employers alike need to react quickly to new situations. The call for more flexibility is ever-present. But even for logistics operations – where rapid change is the norm – the current situation is extremely challenging.

A father of two may be able to change his morning shift to the afternoon if the kids are in full-day care. But what with facing home schooling or quarantine? On the other hand, a planner may be very experienced to draw up a weekly plan. However, what if suddenly dynamic changing operator requirements need to be integrated? Or “keeping distance” requires staggered break times and less operators per warehouse area. How do these and other safety measures influence the operation in performance and costs? How can a planner quickly identify the best scenario? These are times when rigid Excel lists reach their limits.

Imagine there is a tool that supports planner flexibility

Imagine the planner gets the information, that three operators need to stay home. Using redPILOT® she can now simply look up the plan she created. With one click she can send the information about the open opportunities to a selected workforce group. As soon as operators apply at their teamAPP, she can accept. The system allocates them automatically to the respective processes, also in part-time. Even temp workers can be included in this process. That’s how easy an ideal replacement is found – with the help of redPILOT® Operational Excellence PLANNER.

Imagine there is a tool that supports employee flexibility

Imagine an operator receives the message that his kids need to change into home schooling. He can arrange to take turns with his wife to watch them, but needs to change his morning shift to an afternoon shift. He can simply apply for a shift change in the redPILOT® teamAPP. All available employees with the same skill set receive a message in their app. Colleagues can accept and if the change does not influence costs or performance the planner doesn’t even need to get involved. teamAPP offers many more functions that allow for more flexibility like online shift plans or absence management.

Safety first – now more than ever

We integrated additional features that help control infection risk and ensure business continuity. Their aim is to provide visibility and support decision making. In this way, business-critical processes can be separated and divided into different shifts. Break times can be staggered in order to not overcrowd break rooms and work areas can be limited by the amount of operators. Also, necessary precautions can easily be integrated such as adding necessary time for workstation disinfection. All of these measures impact the operations’ performance and costs – redPILOT® shows this immediately to validate different scenarios upfront. Additionally, we have also implemented a report to help contact tracing, of course depending on the specific work agreements.

Optimisation even in challenging times

Even in “normal” times logistics companies need to be very flexible. But now, companies face so many dynamic challenges, especially when it comes to individual employee requirements. That’s why we developed additional features that support logistics companies to run their operations at optimum level – even in challenging times.

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