The end of the year is approaching in quickly. 2021 again had quite a few challenges in store for all of us. The economic environment is becoming more volatile, and disruptions are more frequent and severe. So, logistics operations have to work in the most efficient way to mitigate risk and become more resilient. We have picked 3 tips on warehouse optimization that will be key to compete, grow, and win in 2022.

1. Make good use of the data you generate

Data Fabric and Decision Intelligence (DI) are among the top strategic tech trends for 2022 according to Gartner. They highlight the importance of integrating data and connecting processes for a more resilient operation. Each operation typically generates more than 1000 terabytes of data each day. This corresponds approximately to a storage volume of 223,101 DVDs. This unimaginably large amount opens up huge potential – if you know how to use and connect data. As a holistic platform, redPILOT does exactly that: It dynamically integrates all IT systems in the warehouse and gives decision makers a real-time view of processes and changes. Managers can use the information to respond immediately to irregularities, minimize risks, and make their operations more efficient, adaptive, and resilient.

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2. Care for your employees

Currently, the logistics industry is severely affected by skilled labor shortage. But many warehouses rely heavily on people and without them they cannot be kept operational. So, employee retention is an important area to work on. Targeted shift planning that respects employee wishes, takes competencies into account and creates variety in the work minimizes the risk of losing qualified personnel. The EY 2021 Work Reimagined Employee Survey finds that flexibility is the “new currency for attracting and retaining talent”. The redPILOT PLANNER with its integrated teamAPP enables a targeted shift planning that respects employee wishes, takes competencies into account and creates variety in the work.

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3. Ensure sustainable growth

Leveraging principles of Operational Excellence will enable businesses to optimize operations. When operations can pinpoint where value is created, they can improve their processes accordingly and gain higher efficiency and effectiveness. This approach has many benefits, among them lower operation cost, reduced inefficiencies, and higher value for customers. Ultimately, this navigates operations to sustainable, profitable growth and increasing customer value throughout the entire logistics operation.

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With these three warehouse optimization tips in mind, we are sure you can further increase the efficiency of your logistics operations in the coming year.