Workers across all industries are demanding more flexibility. Operational workers in warehouses are no exception. An Instawork survey even found that flexibility is the top demand of workers. Granting your workforce more flexibility and integrating them better into the planning process really pays off. The best way to do so is via a smartphone app that is directly connected to your planning tool – just like the teamAPP. There are multiple benefits of smart workforce management apps, but we’d like to touch on a few of the most important ones.

Attract & retain better talent

Companies that are able to “achieve flexibility at the frontline will win the talent competition of the future”, states Gartner’s Annual Future of Supply Chain Survey. Currently 73 % of warehouse operators claim that they are struggling to find enough labor. Warehouses can invest in technology to replace operators – but only to a certain extent. Alternatively, they can adopt measures to make their work environments more flexible. With workforce management apps, like teamAPP, operators have the possibility to submit preferred working times. They can also swap or pick up empty shifts directly on their smartphones. This contributes to a positive work experience and helps to attract and retain talent.

Just imagine, a scheduled picker had an emergency which would prevent them from being able to make their shift the next day.  By putting the shift up for bid, another qualified employee who is looking to pick up additional hours can take the shift.  Here everybody wins: The originally scheduled worker can stay home without using paid time off, other employees have the opportunity to make extra money if desired, and the warehouse gets a qualified replacement to help them meet their throughput demands.

Easier & faster communication

We are all used to communicating via apps. So why not use this for communication with your workforce? Planners can notify operators about open shifts via push notifications in the teamAPP. They can send the information directly from the Operational Excellence PLANNER. When operators accept shifts online, planners do not even have to interact if there is no change in either cost or performance. This makes life so much more convenient for planners and operators alike; workflows are standardized and get much more efficient.

Higher performance

You probably know from experience: People who like their job perform better. Inflexible scheduling is one of the factors that do not contribute to employee satisfaction. On the contrary, it causes low performance and engagement. With a workforce management app, you empower operators to apply for the shifts they really want to work in.

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