“Software-supported resource planning increases transparency and accuracy of personnel planning.” This was now confirmed by the Fraunhofer Institute study Software-supported planning of personnel resources in the warehouse. In today’s volatile environment, using static parameters in planning is not good enough anymore. Workforce management systems will be of strategic importance to drive future success.

The study found that spreadsheets are still a rather common tool for resource planning. However, as order structures get more complex, qualified personnel is harder to find and employees demand more integration in the planning process, the need for digitalized resource planning increases. The study claims that a third of the surveyed warehouse sites plan to introduce a digital resource planning system within the next few years.

Software-supported Resource Planning

The key to success is to plan resources in the most efficient way and utilize operators according to their competences. In the view of increasing individualization, global competition and complex system designs, a workforce management system is the only way to achieve optimal resource planning.

Other benefits stated in the study are a lower frequency of ad-hoc decisions, a positive effect on employee integration, higher planning quality, more efficient use of time as well as better handling of increasing complexity. Ultimately, a workforce management system will drive future success on many levels.

Benefits of redPILOT Operational Excellence Solution

So, stop using spreadsheets. redPILOT Operational Excellence Solution with its integrated workforce management system will not only support your personnel planning, but increase the utilization of all resources in your day to day operation.

You will benefit from:

  • Reduced costs per shipped unit
  • Increase service degree to customers
  • Detect hidden potential
  • Operator flexibility and co-determination
  • Ensure operational and legal framework
  • Prevention of downtimes

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