Companies are producing more than 1000 terabytes of data every day. This corresponds to the memory capacity of 223,101 DVDs. This tremendous quantity of data produced by the company brings unprecedented potential with it – if you know how to use it. Making decisions based on data requires that the right information be filtered out and prepared in a comprehensible form. This is where the redPILOT comes into play: It functions as a universal platform that dynamically integrates all the existing IT systems in the warehouse. The resulting warehouse optimization leads to operational excellence.

Savvy workforce planning

The logistics sector is currently suffering from an acute shortage of personnel. Great shift planning that reflects employees’ wishes, accounts for their competencies and creates variety in work, helps to keep qualified personnel happy and working for you. The Operational Excellence PLANNER therefore connects forecasts, personnel data, availabilities, competencies, performance and personal wishes such as carpools. Planners can then create a shift schedule with just a click, with the system automatically assigning the best qualified employees, optimizing both performance and costs and accounting for the wishes of individual employees. The teamAPP helps employees manage their work hours and personal preferences, creating more flexibility. redPILOT thus reduces the work needed to manage data and optimize shift schedules for both companies and their personnel.

Peak performance for peak periods

An overnight delivery delayed by a week is a sure-fire way to have frustrated customers. For deliveries to arrive on time, shifts must be sufficiently manned, and machines must be up and running to perfection. For peak periods like pre-Christmas, Easter or Black Friday, your regular personnel can’t process the exponential increases in demand by themselves. Temporary staff, however, are hard to come by and must be trained. As a result, warehouse performance suffers. Smart resource management therefore links the Peak time recruitment feature in the planning tool with the expected quantity of orders. This feature predicts how much personnel will need to be hired for each process step and coordinates this with a staggered training plan. This prevents performance losses and idle times before the peak takes place. An integrated CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) additionally ensures that maintenance is planned and carried out ahead of time, also without influencing the order flow. This means lowered costs and satisfied customers – even during the most hectic times of the year.

The perfect workload. On point.

Warehouse optimization requires information in real time on all the processes in the warehouse, allowing better control of the order flow. redPILOT not only informs where bottlenecks or overcapacity develop but, at the same time, also generates different strategies to address them. Employees with the right skills can be immediately reassigned. If the system detects that a shift will end sooner than planned, it suggests that personnel be sent home early. This information detects hidden potential that can greatly increase efficiency.

The naked truth – full transparency in real time

With just a click, redPILOT breaks down the performance of processes, teams and even individual employees. Team leaders can see which employee is doing best in which process step and can discover where more training is needed. Managers can immediately detect a sudden drop in performance and check all the levels instead of searching for the error after the fact. Just like the automatic logging of performance and time for system-supported processes, times and performance that are not system-supported can be logged using teamKIOSK. This information is essential for value-added services especially, such as personalization or cleaning activities, so that customers can be charged for them in line with their costs. To achieve warehouse optimization, data must be intelligently interconnected. Furthermore, an AI component that intelligently learns from past data makes better forecasts. When companies use this potential, they can make more efficient decisions and accelerate their value chain. Get equipped for future growth.


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