We are proud to announce the first go-live of our Operational Excellence MAINTENANCE system. The NORDfrische distribution centre in Vallhun (Germany), a subsidiary of EDEKA Nord – now manages all maintenance tasks using the redPILOT solution. After a record time set-up and configuration, the system went live in the beginning of February.

With the new redPILOT Computerised Maintenance Management System, the NORDfrische on-site managers draw up shift plans in the Operational Excellence PLANNER and allocate service and repair tasks directly to the technicians. 12 resident engineers take care of a smooth operation at all times. They use the redPILOT app on their tablet to track their maintenance and repair tasks and handle all related documentation. Additionally, engineers can clock in and out directly in the CMMS app. The whole availability calculation and spare parts management is handled directly in the redPILOT CMMS. Thus, the spare parts stock is up to date at all times. In weekly Jour Fixes the reports – which are generated automatically by the CMMS system – are discussed with the management team. Consequently, measures can be agreed in a timely manner to boost performance, if necessary.

The ground-breaking innovation of the redPILOT system however, is the continuous integration of processes, order structures and unavailabilities. As a result, the redPILOT CMMS prioritises maintenance tasks and thus minimises downtimes.

NORDfrische facts:

  • Subsidiary of EDEKA Nord
  • Produces 1500 sausage- and meat products
  • 600 employees
  • Supplies around 700 EDEKA and Marktkauf markets
  • January 2020: new DC with KNAPP solution.