Every minute, your warehouse systems gather huge amounts of data during operation. What do you do with it? Store it? Ditch it? How about using it? And actually enhance your future performance by using it?

The redPILOT Operational Excellence OPTIMIZER does exactly that. By processing historical data and matching it with actual figures, the redPILOT solution gives you a forecast on shift end times.

On the one hand, if a shift will be finished early, employees who have overtime hours can go home before the planned shift end. On the other hand, you can react quickly, if your shift would otherwise last longer than planned; you can get additional workers.

This machine-based learning of the expected shift end time allows warehouse managers to react quickly. They can adjust on overcapacities or bottlenecks during shifts not only afterwards. Planning gets more accurate as you go. Overtime will be reduced or – even better – not generated at all, which will ultimately save costs.